René van der Wouden

Composer and producer of electronic music.

Concert Streaming News

Raumzeit the second!

03.September 2021 / Start 7 PM (CET)


All artists will again be presented in detail on empulsiv.de, music and artist pages will be linked and the concerts will be available online on Youtube after the premiere.

New releases from René van der Wouden:

Here is a new ambient and space music composition I wrote last month as a follow up of Chronospheres, and it is called “Into the Deep”.

More than 42 minutes of deep ambient music. Dream on, relax, sit and enjoy. May this music be a relief in these aggressive and negative times.


New 1-track-only release on Bandcamp: https://rewo.bandcamp.com/album/chronospheres

54 minutes of space music, a sound journey into space.

2021 releases at REWO Music

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