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Prosa 1 from Pro Sequentia

Pro Sequentia, the debut CD, was released first on the German Syngate label on April 16, 2005. This is an album of electronic music inspired by the greats of electronic music. This album was received well by the audience and reviewers and led to the first performance on E-Live 2005.

In 2006 the follow-up CD of Pro Sequentia was released on the September 21, 2006 as Alchemia. This CD is much more Berliner Schule/retro/sequencer based than Pro Sequentia and also contains the use of the Mellotron. The overall style of the music can be referred to what is called the “Golden Era” of electronic music, the sounds of West-Berlin in the 70-ties. The theme of the CD is “Alchemy”.

Far Across the Heavens
Gone to Earth

In 2007 “Recreation” was released and the “Universal Quiet” album was planned for the fall of 2007 but was released on January 4, 2008. This album can be seen as a further seek into the Cosmos, therefore its title. It’s also referring to the period of the 1970s and 1980s of electronic music. This album was a well received one by the critics of electronic music all over the world.

In Silence
Go Quiet

In September 2008 the album “Sequential Tourism” was released. This album is a mixture of styles of retro music and rhythms in 4 long tracks and one short one.

Sequential Tourists
Sequential Tourism

December 2009 was the time right for the release of “Numerus Fixus”, the album about the world’s natural places and how they become more and more important to this highly polluted world. This album gained a lot of good reviews all over the electronic music scene worldwide.

Numerus Fixus Part 7
Numerus Fixus Part 3

The year 2011 was a busy year of René van der Wouden. Several concerts were given in the Netherlands (E-Live 2011) and in Germany at the Schallwende and Electronic Circus stages. Furthermore 3 releases of fine electronic music. Two of them are pure space and ambient music.

One of those releases was “Zeppelins, There They Go”. More refined Berlin School electronic music.

“Inspired by the great electronic music albums of the past. But also a full album with electronic Moog-style sequencing. The concept of this album is about the intrugeing flying machine which was popular at the beginning of the 20th century. For the Dutch masters project I took the painting of Carel Willink called “De Zeppelin”. While I recorded this track I had just finished the openings- and title track of this album. Due to the success of the Dutch Masters project, I decided to go on and create a full album about this interesting flying machine. A Zeppelin is a type of rigid airship

All tracks reflect a certain aspect of this invention. All tracks are in the Berlin School sequencing style which suits perfectly with the character of the Zeppelin. Imagine the big engines while listening to those fast sequences on the second track of the album. The Mellotrons and the B3 organs reflect the atmosphere during the flghts. The Waldorf/PPG sounds reflect the technology. As a kid I was fascinated a lot by this piece of early modern technology.

In 2012 the EP “Pictures of an Indian Summer” was released.

Pictures of an Indian Summer, released autumn 2012

In the summer of 2013 the full lenght album “Earth Festivities” was released. Theme is based on Nature and the music was inspired by the BBC series “Planet Earth”.

Earth Festivities, released in August 2013
Life Festivities
Tropical Forest Festivities
Water Festivities

No new music in 2014, but in the spring of 2015 the album “Stargazer” was released. This album is real space music with Berlin School sequencing album.

Stargazer released in May 2015
The Observational Astronomer
Mosaic of Stars

BauRaum” came in autumn 2015, as improvised EM album, inspired on Tangerine Dream’s “Rubycon” and “Richochet”.

No new music release in 2016, but at the end of 2017, the album “Trust” was born. This album is part of a diptych. Early 2018, the other part “Assurance” saw daylight. These albums are in typical Berlin School styles.


In the coarse of 2018 this trio of albums were released. A lot of music on these albums were composed during 2015-2017. “Dreamspace”, “Memory Lane” and “Atmospherics in a Nutshell”. The music on these albums like EM with crossover to New Age and Ambient.

No new music release in 2019, but in the second half of 2020, René his musical mind had a boost and he has become very prolific during the COVID19 lockdown. The first album release with new music was “Sounds of Silence”, following by “Cinnamon Horizons”. The latter album is inspired on the Tangerine Dream’s output of the eighties.

And there was… “A Night at the Manor”

followed by part 2 and part 3 of the Stargazer trilogy

2020 was also a year of some previously unreleased tracks on the Retrospective series and other works.

Retrospective 1
Retrospective 2
Retrospective 3
Retrospective 4
Retrospective 5

The other works – Mostly composed between 2013 and 2015

Late October and Early November Afternoons

And to start 2021 gloriously, there is more…

These two albums are typical in the Berlin School style. “Electronic Improvisations on Shimmer Winter Days” and “LuftRauM”

These recordings are live improvised sets where all music and sounds are played “live” in real time with no MIDI sequencing or any other pre-computed manipulating activities.

In other words, like grandmasters as Klaus Schulze, push the red button of the tape-recorder, concentrate and focus, and go.

LuftRaum is German for Airspace and is the portion of the atmosphere controlled by a country above its territory, including its territorial waters or, more generally, any specific three-dimensional portion of the atmosphere.

Now translated in EM. Just listen.

All music composed, arranged, performed and produced by René van der Wouden, winter 2021.

All albums available as download and physical CD on: https://rewo.bandcamp.com