The New Album NUMERUS FIXUS by Rene van der Wouden [Berlin School, Ambient, Retro, Electro ELECTRONIC MUSIC]

This new album contains 8 tracks of electronic music

A few weeks before Christmas 2009, the new “Numerus Fixus” has been released as CD in a limited edition of 500 pcs. The CD can be ordered at several distributors of electronic music like Groove and CUE Records Germany.

Album info:
01 Fixus part 1 14:33
02 Fixus part 2 10:24
03 Fixus part 3 04:25
04 Fixus part 4 04:56
05 Fixus part 5 07:33
06 Fixus part 6 08:27
07 Fixus part 7 04:18
08 Fixus part 8 09:11

Composed, arranged, performed and produced by Rene van der Wouden.
Recorded and mixed from July to October 2009 at the Miniminus Studio. Gouda.

Rene van der Wouden – Keyboards, Moog and Prophet synthesizers, electronic percussion and software


Mastered by Ron Boots

Numerus Fixus = Latin and means in English: Limited Places.

As we see the world as it is now today with more than 6 billion people I ask myself at times: can we keep on living our lives with less land, less water, less healthy air and fewer new resources with an ever growing worldly population? One of the predictions is that complex, interlinked ecosystems – (rain)forests, reefs, lakes, rivers, oceans and their food webs could collapse within a couple of decades from now if we continue like this. This album is dedicated to those interlinked ecosystems on which we are using every day and becoming more limited in period of time.