Review of “Numerus Fixus” by Bert Strolenberg of E-Zine “Sonic Immersion”

“Numerus Fixus” by Gouda-based electronic musician Rene van der Wouden, is a concept album dedicated to the various interlinked ecosystems on our blue planet. The fact that we use and rely on them almost regardless every day, makes them also gradually becoming more and more limited and vulnerable in the near future. A tough theme in these times of global warming and other major environmental issues.

Sonically, what we got here is a fine and fresh sounding album with Berliner School flavours which incorporates some minimalist sequencer patterns, rhythms, a varied assortment of vintage and contemporary synthesizer sounds plus occasionally some massive retro effects.

All these elements, fused together in eight mature “Fixus” parts, are in almost constant interaction with each other as the music gradually evolves without interruption in a kind of ebb and flow manner.

At times, even some space music territory is touched, but for the most part, the melodic, harmonious and rhythmic spiced music stands in its own right, although I personally feel the bouncy, groovy part four a bit bland and directionless.

Nevertheless, all other tracks sound tasty and well rendered and very pleasing to the ear, which is emphasized due to the excellent mastering of Ron Boots.
Chapeau, Mr van der Wouden!