New music by René

After 2 years of a break, René is back in the EM-scene with new music. Last summer the first album in 2,5 years was released. “Sounds of Silence”

This typical album contains the classic approach of the Berlin School style. But accompanied with dark ambient sounds and layers.

René van der Wouden – Cinnamon Horizons
René van der Wouden – Sounds of Silence

A couple months later, the next album arrived. Released early October of 2020 while the world has been at war with COVID for some time.

Cinnamon Horizons is an album inspired by the works of the great German electronic rockband Tangerine Dream.

Both albums are available at Bandcamp as download and CD, but also on Discogs as CD or direct order from here. Paypal and credit cards are accepted.


CD Sounds of Silence

All music on this 41 minute album is composed and produced by René van der Wouden, February/March 2020. Final mix and mastering by the René van der Wouden, June/July 2020. Price is included shipping

16.99 €


CD Cinnamon Horizons

“This is my most Tangerine Dreamish album I have done. And I enjoyed doing it.” All music composed, played and produced by René van der Wouden in August-September 2020 Netherlands. Instruments used on this recording: Arturia Matrixbrute, Moog Voyager, ARP Odyssey, Korg Prologue, Sequential Prophet REV2, Arturia MikroFreak, Korg M3, Roland Fantom G8, Yamaha Motif XS and Kurzweil PC3. Price is included shipping costs

16.99 €